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by Herjaza

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Vacant spaces mock our expectations Frustration suffocates the progress Created Shapes Within our Limits Fully formed just beyond our reach We exist in fragments We exist in fragments We exist in fragments We exist in fragments Desperate and Hollow Is this what we’ve become? No Cause to follow Once Lost, We’ve come undone I Miss The Distance of what came before I Miss The Distance of what came before We exist in fragments We exist in fragments
The last of borrowed time A city shared by grief And soon it won't be long... Have doubts in my beliefs And will they find a friend And live below the lights The sound descends When will we meet again? Forgive these borrowed words Stolen, you've crushed my heart An absence you've now shared Of love that's torn apart And will they find a friend And live below the lights The sound descends When will we meet again? No need to try You were the light That still shines bright The light that leads her home And will they find a friend And live below the lights The sound descends When will we meet again?
A point to your point Take a different approach Offend the offenses And that’s all she wrote A means to an end A place to decide Your logic is flawed With “shut up that’s why” To stop and stare Wasted time Avoid with care My time is mine Your precious weapons have failed Broken and upside down A truth in fact that makes us whole Which one of us will take the blame? I don’t care how many friends I lose.
We've lost this time Embrace the change Buried face down Collective grave Instinct was lost When hope was found Survival drowns without fear Embracing hate Comfort me Surrender, lay down your arms Resistance, the hypocrites Breed conflict within the heard You are the threat of peace You are the whore of hope We are the frail deeds We are the tears of the blind eyes We are cursed men We are near death “It’s a politician, shaking your hand. They want to love you, but they just fuck you. You want to love me, then why do you fuck me”
You will learn Forced by progress to evolve The spoils won, we move on Through ash and dust Stolen from masters Tribute from bastards So with the time passed And distance felt Empty in my heart and lungs And in no time To bridge the void within We just look up at the sky Onward Slowly Left out I am… Forced by progress to evolve
Distant lights, So dull On the horizon. Home never felt so close. Static split, Colors cold. Between the mountains and oceans, We Stand. So we are, Desolate, Comfort in the barren. What’s lost, Was not replaced. It’s emptiness fills my heart. Colors bleed, from dusk to earth, knowing, So much depends No longer On what came before. The blue and white and red. The Air hits our face as we descend, and we know that we’re home. We know we're home.
Prison Break 01:22
Swollen Hole Immolated So it goes Subjugation Leave me here Smoke and ashes The Space Between Ache and embrace Swollen Eyes Barely Breathing Shaking Hands Keep repeating Lips so soft Lies deceiving So delicate Truth laid bare Leave me here Leave me here This is a reckoning Hearts pressed between the stones I am the reckoning Violent and alone
So different Or so it seemed A separate life A tie that binds Shaped in sound Sort it out All the same Twelve arranged We discovered It’s purest state Shaped in sound Sort it out Paint the picture Bathed in sound Related. We paint the rust, the colors sustain. Our cadence, and all we loved, and all we became Not so different Faded lights Shadows dance Hearts alive Not “understand” But “understood” Without words, comunicating Broken homes With open arms Held and heard Here were grateful And so we dwell In brackish tide The overflow The tie that binds Shaped in sound Sorted out Painted picture Bathed in sound Rest our heads
When do words? Hurt worse than sticks and stones? Haven't you heard? Collective mass's shown Cower and hide, create a safer space. Resist the tide. The old have been replaced. A basement bargain bin A worthless argument The never-ending chorus Population free from sin We're burning obsolete There comes a day When all things melt away When rights decay The delicates turn grey You cannot hide. You never earned a place Entitled cries, a blind and deaf disgrace. A basement bargain bin A worthless argument The never-ending chorus Population free from sin Slowly We’re burning obsolete There are no Promises You are owed Nothing (Violence solves everything)
So you'll forgive your sins Penance worthless So genuflection wins Penance worthless This time, This place Disappointments familiar taste This love, Undone Last light of a setting sun Sympathy’s my weakness Manipulating progress Hand to heart you promised Never were you HONEST The Guilt laid down upon me weighs a metric fuck ton The choices made
 They have no rhyme or reason SLOWLY SINKING
Hearts confess Tired eyes Emptiness By my side Hung my head Folded hands On my knees Broken man So where can I turn? Suffering and alone The butcher returned Took away all I’ve known I’ve made my mistakes Whatever happened to Bend and not break I guess it has died with you You Failed Us You Failed Me RETURN TO ZERO Open arms Surrender Weakened hearts are DEAD AND GONE
Beg and Plead For What You Need Something I Can’t Give I know It Hurts For What It’s Worth It Kills Me Just The Same Make It Go Away Make It Go Away One Last Call And Speak No More Silhouette in White Cold As Stone Left To Hold Nothing In These Arms Carry You In My Heart Call your Name (Lay me down) “Take my hand, you know ill be there if you can” I Said it I’ll Say it I’ll Scream It Again Make It Go Away.


released March 20, 2020

all music written and performed by HERJAZA.

recorded by Joe Dell'Aquila at Exeter Recordings in Howell, NJ

mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege in Portland, OR

album artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn IG:@alexeckmanlawn

Frank Stapelfeldt: Vocals
Sean McCann: Drums/Vocals
Nick Gambacorta: Guitar/Vocals
Pat Felitti: Guitar
Vincent Fiore: Bass


all rights reserved



Herjaza New York, New York

Staten Island Mutants

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